Trail Maps for Your Smart Phone - POCKET PALS Trail Maps


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Trail Maps for your Smart Phone (both iPhones & Android)

Download POCKET PALS Trail Maps to your Smart Phone.  Be able to interactively see:
  • Where you currently are on the POCKET PALS trail map (you will see the "magic" blinking blue dot on the trail map).
  • Where you have been
  • Where you are going
  • Plus many more cool, interactive mapping features
Start by proceeding to the App Store on your device and download "Avenza Maps" for FREE!
Then go to "Store" and either click on  "Find Maps Around Me" or Search on "POCKET PALS" to locate the available POCKET PALS Trail Maps for the Pikes Peak region.  These interactive trail maps are $3.99 each.
(Limited map selection now... more trail maps are coming soon)
 If you would like to get an email notice when more trail maps are loaded into the Map Library, go to: "Contact Us" and let us know to add you to our e-mail list.