What Makes Our Trail Maps Unique

Detailed and Descriptive Trail Data, Including Waypoints

We don't just offer maps, but guides that provide you with the detailed information that you have been searching for including:

  • detailed directions to the trailhead (since many of Colorado's trailheads are not marked)
  • the longitude/latitude for the parking area
  • trail length
  • allowed trail uses
  • difficulty rating
  • identification of all trail intersections
  • elevation gains/losses
  • elevation profiles.

In addition, one of the most unique features of our trail maps is that each trail description contains numerous waypoints or landmarks that have been identified while collecting GPS data on the trails. Each waypoint has a trail mileage associated with it. Our waypoints identify a variety of landmarks along each trail including: trail intersections, stream crossings, overlooks, significant geologic features, ridgelines, ruins, bridges, views, etc. These waypoints act as your guide so that you ALWAYS stay on track!

NOTE: waypoints are included in most, but not all, of our trail maps.

Entire Trail Networks Represented

We show how all of the trails in an area are linked and/or interconnected. This allows you to create your own unique adventure! We are sure that we can introduce you to some trails that you never knew existed before.

Offered in Two Formats: Paper and Digital

Our paper maps are print on waterproof and tear-resistant paper.  This paper is FSC certified (which means it is labeled as eco-friendly).   

Our digital maps are e-mailed to you in a geo-PDF format. This means that the PDF file is directly referenced to the earth's surface by longitude and latitude coordinates.  In addition, these digital files can be loaded into a variety of navigation apps on your mobile device, allowing you to identify your current location directly on the map. These digital maps are specially designed to be used offline. LEARN MORE HERE

Digital Maps That Offer You More Than The Competitors

Our digital maps are exact replicas of our paper maps.  Therefore these digital maps contain all of the trails in a specific area, not just one trail at a time, and not just the most popular trails. In addition, unlike other digital trail map companies, our trail data is gathered by us (knowledgeable cartographers who are experienced hikers/bikers) and not by the random public.  

Trail Data Collected and Analyzed by Us

All of the trail data for these maps was gathered by us, directly from the trails, using GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) technology. 

 Small Format Maps That Fit in Your Pocket

No more lugging around clumsy guidebooks or large, cumbersome trail maps. Our trail maps are small format maps that will easily fit into your pocket (4.2" X 3.6" when folded). They are also a handy size to use out on the trails when they are unfolded (11" X 17"). Thus our name...POCKET PALS!  Now That's Convenient!

NOTE:  most of our maps are the size which is described above, but a select few of our maps are a bit bigger.

Tough and Sturdy

POCKET PALS Trail Maps are made of a special paper that is both waterproof and tear-resistant!  They are virtually indestructible.

Updated Regularly

We update our maps on a regular basis so that you always get the most up-to-date trail information.

We Support Local, Outdoor Non-Profits

We donate 15% of all profits to local, Colorado non-profits which deal directly with trails, parks, open spaces, and conservation/restoration projects.

Created Locally by Locals

This is a home-grown effort created right here in Colorado Springs by avid hikers, bikers, digital cartographers, and GIS specialists who saw a need for better trail maps for Colorado. 

Pocket Pals Trail Maps - For All of Your Colorado Adventures