Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we buy maps at your store? We do not have a bricks and mortar store. You can buy our maps here on our e-commerce website or at one of the many retailers in the region who carry our maps  RETAILERS WHO CARRY OUR MAPS

2. Where else can we buy your maps?  RETAILERS WHO CARRY OUR MAPS

3. What makes Pocket Pals Trail Maps better then other maps? FIND OUT MORE HERE.

4. What is a Geo-PDF map?  A PDF is a very common form of digital image data that is in a Portable Document Format.  A GeoPDF file is a geospatial or geo-referenced PDF file that relates the map image (PDF) to a ground system of geographic coordinates (eg. longitude and latitude). Every spot on earth has its own unique longitude and latitude coordinates. The relevant  earth coordinates are typically stored directly in the PDF image file. These GeoPDF files are very useful when used in coordination with a navigation application as they can be used in real time to locate your current location on the map.

5. How do you send your digital maps to us? After your purchase the digital maps you ordered are automatically e-mailed to you along with the directions of how to use and install them.

6. Why can't I print the GeoPDF map file?  Because we offer our maps in both paper (waterproof & tear-resistant) and digital (Geo PDF)  formats we do not enable printing of our digital maps. These digital maps are exclusively designed to be used  on a mobile device.  

7. Can we see a sample of one of your maps prior to purchasing? Yes, go to these links to view a sample of a map and sample of the back of the map which provides all of the trail details.


8. How often are your maps updated? It depends on the map, but most maps are updated approximately every 2-3 years. We are the only Colorado mapping company that updates their maps on a regular basis.

9. Do you offer custom mapping services?  Yes, we can create any type of maps for our customers, not just trail and recreation maps.  Please CONTACT US here so that we can discuss your needs in more detail and develop a proposal for you.


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