We offer our trail maps in 2 formats: Digital and Paper

Most of our Pocket Pals Trail Maps are available in a PAPER format that is both waterproof and tear-resistant.  In addition, a large portion of our maps are also available in a geo-referenced PDF format. These digital files are developed to be downloaded directly onto your mobile devices and tablets so that you can take them out on the trails with you.  When used with your favorite navigation app this enables you to locate your current location on the map when out on the trails.


Our paper maps are made of a special paper that is both waterproof and tear-resistant.  They are virtually indestructible and will last for years to come.  They will even survive a drenching in a washing machine (just in case you left a map in your pocket).  Now that’s durable! 

And as per our name (POCKET PALS), all of our maps are pocket-sized and will easily fit into your pocket.


Our digital maps (Geo PDF files) can easily be downloaded onto your mobile device so that they can be taken out on the trails with you.  Once you receive your digital file via e-mail you should then either store this file in a data storage app on your mobile device (eg. iDrive, One Drive, Dropbox, etc.) or store it directly in your chosen navigation app (see below).  This is recommended because the cellular or WIFI signals may be weak or unavailable at the trailhead or along the trail.  However, once your digital map is stored on your mobile device and/or is loaded into your specialized navigation app you will no longer need WIFI or cellular signals to utilize our digital maps on the trail (you can use them offline).  Learn more about what a Geo PDF map is HERE.

In addition to being able to view your digital map on your mobile device, you can load our digital maps into a variety of navigation apps that will allow you to see where you are located on our map at all times (it will display your current location with a blue dot).  If you have an iOS device (Apple product) you can install any of these free navigation apps (TOPO NOMAD, TOPO Reader or NP Maps) from the iTunes store.  If you have an Android device you can install the Paper Maps navigation app from the Google Play store. 

All future digital map updates are FREE!  You will automatically be sent an e-mail when a map update is available.

For more details of how to load, store and view our Pocket Pals digital PDF maps please click here.


  • Pocket Pals’ digital maps are for use on mobile devices and tablets only, they are not printable.
  • Please keep in mind that map navigation apps can use a lot of battery power. To avoid this high level of battery drain you may want to consider changing your mobile device settings to Airplane Mode while out on the trails. In addition, if you are planning on a longer trail adventure it is always recommended to take a paper copy of our map with you in addition to a mobile power supply or solar charger.

Colorado Trail and Recreation Maps: available in both paper or digital formats