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Pocket Pals offers trail and recreation maps for Colorado including: Colorado's 14er maps and Pikes Peak region maps (Garden of the Gods Park, North Cheyenne Canon Park, Red Rock Canyon Open Space, Section 16, Intemann & Barr trails, plus hundreds more).

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Pikes Peak Region Series

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Colorado 14'ers Series............... (peaks over 14,000 feet)

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Colorado Area Trail Maps............(by City)

Designed, Produced and Printed in Colorado!

* Our maps are pocket-sized when folded and are a handy size when opened up so that they are easy to use on the trails.

* All of our maps show every trail in a specific area so you can see how they are interconnected.  This will help you plan your own unique adventure.

* Most of our maps show the locations of waypoints or landmarks along the trails to help keep you on track.

* One of our missions is to "GIVE BACK" to Colorado trail, open space, park, conservation and restoration non-profits.  Every year we donate 15%-20% of our profits to over a dozen of these organizations.

Trail Maps, Designed, Produced and Print in Colorado



This is a great set of maps that fills a much-needed niche for hikers around the Springs. They offer excellent detail and coverage in a very usable size and scale.

Trails are easy to read and offer numerous landmark descriptions, making them simple to use for beginners. For more advanced users, topographic lines are drawn with sufficient detail for general navigation; I've reached a number of off-trail high points using these maps and a compass. For the most part, social and unofficial trails are not marked, though they are sometimes indicated where common use demands it. However they do provide excellent coverage of more obscure official trails.

They are also actively updated by locals. Trails change year to year; new trails open, routes are changed at the demand of land management, and sometimes old trails are closed. Free online digital maps are often years out of date and in some cases I've found instances where online maps could easily lead a hiker into closed trails or dangerous terrain; by contrast Pocket Pals maps have always been the closest of any map to what's actually on the ground today.

Finally, they are physically ergonomic maps to use. They fold up small enough to fit in virtually anything with a pocket, and unfold to just the right size to be easily read without turning into a massive wind sail. They are waterproof and durable as advertised.

The most sincere recommendation I have is that I carry one or more of these maps on every local hike I take.

Jason R. *****

Pocket Pals Trail Maps, Rated 5 stars!


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The "Missing Link Trail" (now called Lake Moraine Trail) is now included on Trail Map #2 in the Pikes Peak Region Series


As of July 2018, a revised Map #2 will be available which includes the Lake Moraine Trail (formerly called the Missing Link Trail).  This trail provides an exciting new link to the Barr Trail from Captain Jack's Trail (667).     Use Discount Code:  LakeMoraine18 to get a 25% discount on...

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Dick Bratton, a trails champion for the Green Mountain Falls area

Dick Bratton, a trails champion for the Green Mountain Falls area

Learn about the huge impact one man has had on the trail networks in and around Green Mountain Falls, Colorado.  Read about this inspirational story, published in the Gazette. Meet the Green Mountain Falls man whose trails are having a breakout moment All of the trails (and more) that are...

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With a true love for all things Colorado we have combined our passion for outdoor recreation and our background in geographic information systems (GIS) to develop these premier trail and recreation maps for Colorado's outdoor enthusiasts.

Julie Raber (owner)

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We Offer Both Paper and Digital PDF Map Options (for most of our maps)

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