Pocket Pals Trail Maps - Colorado Trail & Recreation Maps - Digital and Paper

Colorado Trail Maps: Digital and Paper

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Maps as Mobile As You Are - Our Digital (GeoPDF) Maps Will Keep You On Track

Trail Navigation Made Easy

* Our digital Geo-PDF files will be e-mailed directly to you after your purchase from our website.

*  Download your digital map to a free app (Topo Reader).

* Use our digital maps offline, no signal necessary.

* Look for the blue dot. That's your current location on the map.

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However, if you prefer paper maps (waterproof & tear-resistant), no worries, we've got you covered with our indestructible paper maps.

Digital Trail Maps for Colorado - Pocket Pals
Pocket Pals Trail Maps - So Much More Than Just a Line on a Map


What Makes our Maps Unique

* We are Colorado owned and operated and possess the perfect credentials for making the best Colorado trail maps. We love our state's precious outdoor recreation resources, we love maps, and we have a background in geographic information systems (GIS) and computer mapping.

* One of our missions is to "GIVE BACK" to Colorado trail, open space, park, and conservation and restoration non-profits.  Every year we donate 15% of our profits to over a dozen of these organizations.

* All of our trail and recreation maps are updated regularly.

* We are the only trail and recreation map company that identifies waypoints, or landmarks along every trail to help keep you on track (e.g. stream crossings, overlooks, ruins,  trail intersections, significant geologic features, etc.).  Most of our maps contain waypoints.

* All of our maps show every trail in a specific area (not just the most popular trails) so that you can see how they are all interconnected.  This will help you to plan your own unique adventure. Plus we can introduce you to trails you never knew existed.


* Our paper maps are pocket-sized when folded and are a handy size when opened up so that they are easy to use out on the trails. They are virtually indestructible as they are made of a special waterproof and tear-resistant paper. 


*  Our digital maps are easy to load onto your mobile device. Once loaded you can always see your current location on these maps (when used in conjunction with a free navigation app).  These maps are designed to be used off-line.

* Our digital maps also contain the same detailed trail statistics as our paper maps.  

Pocket Pals Trail Maps are made in Colorado

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