- PP Trail Maps

Digital and Pocket Size Paper Recreation Maps of Colorado

Pocket Pals offers trail and recreation maps for Colorado including: Colorado's 14er maps and Pikes Peak region maps (Garden of the Gods Park, North Cheyenne Canon Park, Red Rock Canyon Open Space, Section 16, Intemann & Barr trails, plus hundreds more).

Collection list

  - PP Trail Maps

Pikes Peak Region Series

  - PP Trail Maps

Colorado 14'ers Series............... (peaks over 14,000 feet)

  - PP Trail Maps

Colorado Area Trail Maps............(by City)

Designed, Produced and Printed in Colorado!

* Our maps are pocket-sized when folded and are a handy size when opened up so that they are easy to use out on the trails.

* All of our maps show every trail in a specific area so that you can see how they are all interconnected.  This will help you to plan your own unique adventure.

* Most of our maps show waypoints, or landmarks along the trails to help keep you on track.

* One of our missions is to "GIVE BACK" to Colorado trail, open space, park, conservation and restoration non-profits.  Every year we donate ~15% of our profits to over a dozen of these organizations.

Pocket Pals Trail Maps are made in Colorado


This is a great set of maps that fill  a much needed niche for hikers, mountain bikers and trail runners.  They offer excellent detail and coverage in a very usable size and scale. Trails are easy to read and offer numerous landmark descriptions. 

Jason R.

* These maps are easy to use out on the trail. They fold up small enough to fit in virtually anything with a pocket, and unfold to just the right size to be easily read without turning into a massive wind sail. They are waterproof and durable as advertised.

Janet S.

* The perfect companion for beginner, novice and advanced hikers alike.  There are so many gorgeous trails to enjoy - why not be prepared by knowing exactly where you are going. These accurate maps will help you enjoy your hike with confidence. 

Debra C.

Pocket Pals Trail Maps - Testimonials

We Also Offer Digital Maps

Our Maps Come in Two Formats

1. Waterproof & Tear-Resistant Paper

2. Digital (geo-referenced) PDF's


Pocket Pals Maps, Digital version


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