8 Ways to Hike More in 2015

If you’re like most people, all of your good intentions, inspired by the illusion of some cosmic do-over that comes with the new year, are already well on their way to oblivion. In one year and out the other, as the saying about resolutions goes.

The problem with many resolutions is that they’re simply too vague. So maybe you’ve made a resolution to hike more in 2015. That’s a perfectly noble goal but what does it actually mean?

In the spirit of full disclosure, I’m as guilty as everyone else when it comes to resolutions.

Each year, for example, I resolve to be a better son to my 86-year-old mother. (Ask her how that’s going.) And yes, I also always vow to hike more, both for body and spirit. So the following suggestions are less about helping you achieve your hiking resolution than finding incremental ways that may actually get you out on the trail more frequently.

By Matt Jaffe, LA Daily News

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