5 Colorado 14ers You Could Hike This Summer

5 Colorado 14ers You Could Hike This Summer

Hiking to the top of a Colorado 14er isn't for everyone, but if you're a hiker up for a challenge, one of these hikes is a great place to start.

Colorado's 14ers are ranked by difficulty from 1 to 5,  the most difficult and requiring technical climbing. Most hikers can do Class 1 or Class 2 ascents, but Class 3 and above require a particular level of skill and fitness.

Several of Colorado 14ers are classified as Class 1, meaning they are "easy" hikes that follow a good trail. Don't be fooled by the term "easy". When it comes to hiking a 14er, there's nothing easy about it. Some "easy" hikes are more challenging than others, and just because you have hiked in the Colorado National Monument doesn't mean you are necessarily ready for a 14ers. But, if you have done 3-4 mile hikes, regardless of their difficulty, chances are you could handle a 14er.


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