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As of July 2020 you Will Need a Hunting or Fishing License to Hike in Colorado State Wildlife Areas.

Hikers exploring Colorado’s designated state wildlife areas (SWA's) will now be required to have hunting or fishing licenses as a result of a new policy that goes into effect Wednesday, July 1st ,2020.

There are two reasons for the new policy. The management of state wildlife areas is funded through the purchase of hunting and fishing licenses for the purpose of conserving habitats and wildlife-related recreation. State law requires Colorado Parks and Wildlife to separate its funding sources for both wildlife areas and state parks, which are funded by park passes.

The other reason has to do with growing visitation numbers.

“We are seeing unprecedented use of our public spaces and our state wildlife areas that is affecting our wildlife in these areas,” said CPW spokesman Travis Duncan. “I don’t want to say I’m discouraging hiking, but I am encouraging folks to look up what the intended use of that property is.”

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Article by Denver Post, John Meyer

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