Best Scenic Drives in Central Colorado

Best Scenic Drives in Central Colorado

Social distancing doesn’t have to mean being stuck in your house watching The Office over and over, especially in the Front Range where the majestic Rocky Mountains are just a quick drive away. You don’t have to go far to find mountain vistas, secluded picnic spots, and even the occasional yellow-bellied marmot. But Hwy 24, I-70 and the 285, some of the main routes to the mountains, can feel as crowded as a sold out concert (remember those?). For some seriously stunning scenery, skip the typical routes. These drives make an ideal day trip and offer the chance to soak in the best of Colorado’s beauty, from rivers flowing through canyons to the very tops of some of the state’s tallest peaks.  Oh, and don't forget to get out and stretch your legs by doing a little hiking along the way.

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By Molly Martin

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