Colorado Springs: Parks, Trails and Recreation Map

Colorado Springs / Manitou Springs: Parks, Trails and Recreation Map


Looking for all of the recreational possibilities in the Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs area (Colorado)?  This map not only shows the locations for a wide variety of recreational opportunities but is also loaded with detailed information about the amenities for each recreational facility.

The Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs: Parks, Trails and Recreation map contains detailed information on dog parks, water recreation, fishing, rock climbing, ice rinks, disc golf, pickleball, sports complexes, trails parks and open spaces.

This map is 24-1/4" X 32-1/2" (when open) and 4-1/16" X 6" (when folded) and is waterproof and tear-resistant.

The legend for this map will help you locate where each type of recreational opportunity is located within the Colorado Springs' vicinity (by icons or colors).

Legend: Colorado Springs Recreation Map

Below is a sample of one of the many tables contained on the back of this map (Ice Rinks). These tables provide a wide assortment of detailed information for each type of recreational opportunity. There is a table for each of the following recreation categories: dog parks, trails, parks and open spaces, rock climbing, ice rinks, disc golf, pickleball courts, sports complexes, fishing golf courses, and water recreation.

 Recreation Tables: Colorado Springs Recreation Map

Colorado Trail and Recreation Maps - Pocket Pals

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