Mt. Evans TrailMap

Hiking / Climbing Map for Mount Evans

Hiking / Climbing Map for Mount Evans

All Colorado 14er climbing / hiking maps contain the following information for each route:

1) Delineation of the climbing route on a detailed base map (including roads, public land boundaries, contours (80' intervals), and hydrology (streams, lakes, etc.)

2) Difficulty of the climb rated by Class (Yosemite Decimal System)

2) Exposure Rating

3) Snow Steepness

4) Length of the Route

5) Elevation Gain & Loss

6) Starting Elevation

7) Elevation Profile

8) Waypoints (landmarks) and their mileages along the route

9) Detailed description for locating the trailhead


The hiking / climbing route map for Mt Evans (in the Front Range) includes 4 trailheads and 9 routes.  For more information on this 14er, click HERE.

Routes Included:

  1. Chicago Creek Approach (Standard Route)
  2. Summit Ridge Route
  3. North Face Route (Moderate)
  4. Northeast Face Route
  5. Northeast Ridge Route (Summit Lake)
  6. Sunrise Couloir
  7. West Chicago Creek Approach
  8. West Ridge Approach (Guanella Pass)
  9. West Ridge Route (Summit Lake)

Trailheads Included:

  1. Guanella Pass Trailhead
  2. Echo Lake Trailhead
  3. Summit Lake Trailhead
  4. West Chicago Lake Trailhead

The maps in this series are 3-5/8" W  X 4-1/4" H (when folded) and are 17" X 11" (when unfolded) and they are both waterproof and tear-resistant.

For More Information on this map click HERE.





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