Catamount Trail Information (Green Mountain Falls, CO): Photos, Videos & Reviews

The Catamount Trail begins in the town of Green Mountain Falls and ends at the South Catamount Reservoir in the North Slope Recreation Area (Pike National Forest).

This beautiful trail will take you by the crashing waters of Crystal Creek Falls, up a steep and winding trek up the mountainside, through a gorgeous mountain meadow (Garden of Eden) and finally back up into the North Slope recreation area with its numerous reservoirs and trails. 

The Catamount Trail is on POCKET PALS Trail Map #9 in the Pikes Peak Region series.  The other trails on Map#9 include North Slope Recreation Trails (Blue River, Catamount (RTP), Limber Pine, Mule Deer, S. Catamount Creek), and Crystal, Felton Thomas, Mt. Esther, Ridge and Ring the Peak. 

All Pocket Pals Trail Maps offer very detailed information for each trail including: trail distances, allowed trail uses, difficulty levels, elevation profiles, total ascent/descent, directions to trailhead, trailhead longitude and latitude, and waypoints (landmarks along each trail). 


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