Colorado 14'er Safety - POCKET PALS Trail Maps

Hiking/climbing Colorado's 14'ers can be very dangerous and all climbers need to be aware of the risks that are associated with this inherently dangerous activity (there have been fatalities and serious injuries by people climbing Colorado 14'ers). Never attempt to hike/climb a route without the proper training, experience, equipment, conditioning and knowledge, otherwise you may be subjecting yourself to extreme physical danger, including injury or death.  All hikers/climbers should be knowledgeable about weather, hydration requirements, their personal health/fitness levels and the difficulty ratings associated with the routes they have chosen.  Finally, be sure that your basic navigation skills are up-to-date and that you use a map.  Do not rely solely upon electronic devices (GPS units, cell phones) as your only navigation tool.  To prepare for your 14'er hikes/climbs we recommend that you go to and review the Mountaineering section of this website.  It is an excellent source for safety information and provides checklists for climbing Colorado 14'ers.