1. Place your order from Pocket Pals Trail Maps’ website. When prompted for “Product Type” choose “Digital (georeferenced) Map”.
  2. After purchasing you will be able to either download this digital map file directly after check out or from an attachment that will be e-mailed to you.
  3. You will only get one chance to download this digital map file so please store your downloaded file appropriately (e.g. to the iCloud Drive, One Drive, Dropbox or directly to Topo Reader of NP Maps (see below)).
  4. There are 2 ways to view your Pocket Pals digital maps:
    1. Open up the digital .PDF map directly onto your mobile device or tablet. This method is strictly for viewing only (you will not be shown your location on the map).
    2. If you are using an iOS device (e.g. iPhone or iPad) upload the digital map into one of the free apps (either Topo Reader or NP Maps). Install the app from the iTunes Store (either Topo Reader or NP Maps) (see the link below). The Topo Reader and NP Maps app are used to import and view geo-referenced digital .PDF maps.  As long as you uploaded the digital map into this app prior to heading out to the trails, it will display uploaded maps without the need for cellular service / internet connection.  This app will allow you to see your location on the digital map that you have uploaded (unless the satellite connection is lost).  However, the digital map will always be viewable even if the satellite connection is lost. To upload and use this digital map in the TOPO Reader or NP Maps app follow these steps:   
      • These maps are large digital files so you may want to initially download them and store them in one of the following storage apps: iDrive, One Drive, Dropbox, etc.
      • To transfer digital maps from the storage area to TOPO Reader, locate the map in the storage area, click the box with the up arrow in the lower left of your screen and select, “Copy to TOPO Reader”.
      • To change the look of the background map click the right arrow on the bottom/center of the screen and in Settings choose one of three Reference Map Types: Standard, Hybrid, Satellite.
      • If you have multiple maps loaded onto TOPO Reader and you only want certain maps to show up you can “Hide” or “Unhide” maps by clicking on the right arrow on the bottom/center of the screen, go to Settings, click on Maps, then select and drag that map to the left or right to hide or unhide.
      • To turn on the Geo Locating feature of TOPO Reader (allowing to see your location on the map) press the solid gray arrow on the bottom/center of the screen, you will then see a blue locator icon displaying your current location.  If you ever lose the the blue locator icon try clicking on the solid gray arrow again.
      • To learn about more features of the TOPO Reader or NP Maps app please review the manual that can be accessed from the Settings Page (by clicking on the right arrow on the bottom/center of the screen).
    3. If using an Android device, we hope to have a digital map app solution for you soon (one that allows you to see your current location on the map).
  5. You will be notified by e-mail when an updated version of this digital map file is available for download. All future updates are FREE.


Click on Image Below to Download the TOPO Reader App.


  • Always transfer digital maps to your mobile device before traveling to your destination (cellular or WIFI signals may be weak or unavailable at the trail head or along the trail).
  • While out on the trails it is always recommended to have a traditional paper map in addition to a digital map. This is to protect you from the possibility that your device’s battery may be drained or that you may lose a GPS/satellite signal, etc. If you lose your satellite connection you will also lose your geo-locating service (the blue locator icon) in TOPO Reader and NP Maps. This will be evident if you notice your blue locator icon stalling out or traveling in odd directions.
  • Pocket Pals Trail Maps digital maps are for use on mobile devices only, they are not printable.
  • All Pocket Pals Trail Maps are copyrighted, customers cannot share digital files or print any Pocket Pals Trail Maps. Thank you for understanding.