Longs Peak Climbing Information, Colorado Fourteener (including photos & videos)

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Longs Peak is one of the most frequently climbed of Colorado's Fourteeners.  This peak is named after Major Stephen Long who explored this area during the 1820's. Longs Peak is the only Colorado Fourteener located within the Rocky Mountain National Park. This peak's summit is at an elevation of 14,255 feet.

The POCKET PALS hiking/climbing map for this peak includes:

4 Trailheads: Longs Peak Trailhead, Sandbeach (Copeland Lake) Trailhead, Glacier Gorge Trailhead, Storm Pass Trailhead.

5 Routes: Keyhole, Keplinger's Couloir, Loft, Glacier Gorge/North Longs Peak and Boulder Brook.

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