Trail Maps for the Pikes Peak Region - 14 Map Series

There are over 150 trails within the Pikes Peak region of Colorado. Let us help you stay on track...

Pocket Pals Trail Maps

Pocket Pals - Pikes Peak Region Map Series


The maps in this series are 3-5/8" W  X 4-1/4" H (when folded) and are 17" X 11" when unfolded and are both waterproof and tear-resistant. We also offer a digital format (GeoPDF) for all of the maps in this series.


Each map in the Pikes Peak Region series identifies the entire trail network within a specific area and locates all of the trail connections so that you can create your own unique adventures.


All maps in this series include very detailed information including:

  1. Allowed trail uses
  2. Trail length
  3. Directions and longitude/latitude coordinates for the trailhead and parking area
  4. Trail rating (difficulty level)
  5. Total ascent & descent (in feet)
  6. Waypoints (landmarks) and their associated mileages from the trailhead (including trail intersections, stream crossings, overlooks, ridgelines, ruins, significant geologic features, etc.)
  7. Roads, hydrology (streams, lakes, etc.), contours (50' intervals), and public land boundaries
  8. Longitude/latitude grid
  9. Shaded relief


Here is an example of the details provided for each trail.

Waypoints provided for each trail - Pocket Pals Trail Maps

Looking for a specific trail and want to know which map it is on? Here is an alphabetical trail list that will give you this information.

Pikes Peak Region Series - Trails Listed Alphabetically

Still curious? Want to see an actual map? Take a peek inside one of our trail maps HERE


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