Welcome to POCKET PALS Trail Maps

It is our goal to provide COLORADO'S hikers, climbers, trail runners, mountain bikers, backpackers and equestrians with the most accurate, up-to-date and detailed trail maps on the market today. We provide more then just maps! We provide guides...which include a myriad of critical information so that you can better enjoy your time outdoors. Come and explore our website to find out more about our POCKET PALS Trail Maps and why we have become the premier trail maps for exploring our beautiful state of Colorado.




  1. DETAILED TRAIL DATA - we provide an abundance of critical information for each trail (trail length, difficulty level, allowed trail uses, total ascent (in feet), detailed directions to trailhead, etc).  In addition, we locate all trail intersections along each trail.

  2. IDENTIFICATION OF CRITICAL WAYPOINTS - a variety of landmarks are identified along each trail with their associated mileages to ensure  that you stay on the right track.  Waypoints may include: stream crossings, trail intersections, overlooks, rock outcroppings, lakes/ponds, structures, scree fields, bridges, ridgelines, etc.

  3. DETAILED TRAILHEAD DESCRIPTIONS - not all trailheads in Colorado are marked.  Our detailed trailhead descriptions will make it possible for you to always locate the trailhead.

  4. TRAIL DATA COLLECTED USING GPS TECHNOLOGY  - we don't trace or copy our trail data from other existing sources, we collect all of our own trail data out on the trails using GPS equipment.

  5. IDENTIFICATION OF ALL TRAILS WITHIN A SPECIFIC AREA - so you can see how all the trails interconnect to each other, enabling you to create your own unique adventure.

  6. TRAIL MAPS UPDATED REGULARLY - when any trails have been added or their alignments have been altered we will update our trail maps accordingly.

  7. PORTABILITY - our trail maps are 11" X 17" making them easy to handle out on the trails and when folded will easily fit into your pocket...therefore our name "POCKET PALS".

  8. INDESTRUCTIBILITY -  our trail maps are both waterproof and tear-resistant so they will stand up to any type of wear and tear!



Let us know what you think of our trail maps? Do you have any suggestions for improvements/upgrades? Do you have any geographic areas in Colorado that you would like us to map next? We would love to hear your thoughts.  e-mail us at:  office@PPTrailMaps.com