What Makes Our Trail Maps So Unique - 1st draft

Pocket Pals Trail Maps

More Than Just a Map

Not just maps, but guides that provide you with the detailed information that you have been searching for including: detailed directions to the trailhead (plus its longitude/latitude), trail length, allowed trail uses, difficulty level, trail intersections, elevation gain/loss, and elevation profiles. In addition, POCKET PALS Trail Maps show how all of the trails in an area are linked or interconnected. This allows you to create your own unique adventure! And finally, one of the most unique features of our trail maps is that each trail description contains numerous waypoints or landmarks that have been identified while collecting GPS data on the trails. Each waypoint has a trail mileage associated with it. Our waypoints identify a variety of landmarks along each trail including: trail intersections, stream crossings, overlooks, significant geologic features, ridgelines, ruins, bridges, views, etc.  These waypoints act as your guide so that you ALWAYS stay on track!

Our Digital Trail Maps

Our digital maps contain ALL of the trails in a certain area, not just one trail at a time like other digital trail map vendors. Our geo-referenced digital PDF files can be uploaded to a FREE app on your mobile device where you will be able to see your current location directly on the map.  In addition, our digital trail maps contain many more trails on them then our competitor's (not just the most popular ones).   Plus our digital maps are designed to be used offline. LEARN MORE HERE

High-Tech Data Gathering

The trail data for these maps were gathered directly in the field using GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) technology. 

Small, Easily Fit into Your Pocket

No more lugging around clumsy guidebooks or large, cumbersome trail maps. All of our POCKET PALS trail maps will easily fit into your pocket. Thus our name...POCKET PALS!  Now That's Convenient!

Tough and Sturdy

POCKET PALS Trail Maps are made of a special paper that is both waterproof and tear-resistant!  They are virtually indestructible.

Updated Regularly

We update our maps on a regular basis so that you get the most up-to-date trail information.

Created Locally by Locals

This is a home-grown effort created here in Colorado Springs by avid hikers/cartographers/GIS specialists who saw a need for better trail maps for Colorado. We've probably seen YOU on the trails!