Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks - Trail Map

Boulder, Colorado Trail Map (Open Spaces, Mountain Parks and Eldorado Canyon State Park)

Boulder, Colorado has a tremendous network of trails west and south of the city.  These areas contain a network of parks and open spaces which aid in preserving and providing access to natural areas, preventing urban sprawl, while at the same time framing Boulder’s mountainous backdrop. Wildlife habitats, unique geologic features, greenways, and 155 miles of trails are all part of the Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks.

This Pocket Pals Trail Map includes over 100 trails within the Boulder Mountain Parks, Betasso Preserve, Walker Ranch Open Space, and Eldorado Canyon State Park.

Trail data for each trail includes the trail distance, the difficulty level, the allowed uses, and the location of all trailheads and parking areas.

The base map contains roads, hydrology, park/open space/urban/county boundaries, and contours (at 50' intervals).

This map is available in digital format only.  Your Geo-PDF file will be e-mailed to you immediately after placing your order.  You can then load this Geo-PDF map file into your favorite navigation app.  The two apps that we recommend are TopoReader and Paper Maps.  These apps can be used offline as long as you load the Geo-PDF map file into the app before leaving for the trail.  Enjoy your adventure confidently by always seeing your current location directly on our trail map.

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