Ring the Peak Trail Maps (Pikes Peak) - Colorado

Ring the Peak - a 63 mile trail around America's Mountain (Pikes Peak)- Colorado

Located near Colorado Springs, Colorado, the Ring the Peak (RTP) trail is a collection of trails, four-wheel drive roads, and a few dirt/paved roads that circumnavigate the 14,115' Pikes Peak (America's Mountain).

The many trails that make up the RTP are on federal, state, county, and city lands.  The total length of the Ring the Peak trail system has been planned to be approximately 63 miles in length. As of 2022 only about 80% of this route has been completed. Evaluation and planning is ongoing for the remaining 20%. 

There are currently 9 portals, or access points, to the RTP trail.

  • Portal 1: Manitou Springs
  • Portal 2: Chipita Park
  • Portal 3: Catamount Reservoir
  • Portal 4: Catamount Ranch
  • Portal 5: Raspberry Mountain
  • Portal 6: Horsethief Falls
  • Portal 8: Forest Service Road 376
  • Portal 9: Frosty Park
  • Portal 10: Bear Creek

Each trail section (in between the portals) ranges from around 5-10 miles long.

All RTP trails are all marked with stakes that have 3 inch square labels on them.  The color of the label indicates the direction of travel: brown for clockwise and green for counterclockwise.

The completed sections of the Ring the Peak trail can be found on Pocket Pals Trail maps (Pikes Peak Region Series) #2, #3, #4, #5, #7, and #9

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