Buffalo Creek Recreation Area - Map

Buffalo Creek Recreation Area - Map

The Buffalo Creek Recreation Area (BCRA) lies within the Pike National Forest. This recreation area contains 67 miles of trails (21 trails) and many dispersed camping areas. 

It is located just north of Deckers, Colorado on County Rd. 126. The BCRA is 55 miles from Denver, 50 miles from Castle Rock and 66 miles from Colorado Springs. See locator map below.

This recreation area contains 67 miles of trails (21 trails) and many camping areas.  It also includes trail and general information on the amenities available for Jefferson County's Pine Valley Ranch Park (just north of the BCRA).

This area is well known by mountain bikers as an excellent place to ride the trails.

Detailed information is included for all 21 trails within the BCRA including trail length, trailhead coordinates, total ascent/descent, trail rating, elevation profiles and if the trail is single or double track. The map contains contour lines at 60-foot intervals and a longitude/latitude grid.

This map will fit conveniently into your pocket, it is 3.8" wide and 6.25" tall (when folded) and is 19" wide and 12.5" tall when unfolded. It is completely waterproof & tear-resistant.

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Trail Details for Little Scraggy Trail in Buffalo Creek Recreation Area
Buffalo Creek Recreation Area - Locator Map

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