Stellar Jay in Colorado

The Outdoor Hobby of Bird Watching is on the Rise

The COVID pandemic has created an increased interest in many outdoor recreation activities in Colorado and being outside in the fresh air, far from other people, is one of the safest places to be.  Bird watching is one of the activities that has surged in popularity here in Colorado since the pandemic started.

Have you ever seen a brilliantly colored bird disappear into a thicket of brush and wondered what it was? Maybe while walking along one of Colorado’s many rivers you saw a small, robin-sized bird dipping and diving about in the rocks and were amazed at how the bird managed to cling to the rocks as water tumbled over it. Or perhaps while you were washing dishes at your kitchen sink you happened to see all the birds at your feeder scatter as the shadow of a mysterious hawk flashed across your yard. Whatever the case may be, bird watching and bird identification is an ever-growing hobby, almost an obsession, for many folks throughout the country. Here in Colorado, we have countless opportunities to view many species of birds in a variety of habitat.


By Brian Marsh

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