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Mountain Biking the Upper Arkansas River Valley (Salida and Buena Vista area)

Salida and Buena Vista are well known for their biking, both road and mountain varieties.

In both towns, rides are literally right out the door – there’s no need to load, unload, load and unload gear to get out for rides and back to home base.

And whatever the season – early spring, late fall or dead of winter – it’s biking time. Mild temperatures and trails on sandy slopes make for year-round riding in the Upper Arkansas Valley.

A fun choice is to ride the 24 miles from Salida to Buena Vista or vice-versa and make a coffee shop stop before heading back. County roads to the west of both towns provide a multitude of riding options. Those out to test their mettle have Poncha, Monarch, Cottonwood and Independence passes close by with up to 4,000 feet of elevation gain from the two towns.

Read more about biking in the Arkansas River Valley HERE, Article by Trent Newcomer

Trent Newcomer is a veterinarian and the franchise owner of Velofix Colorado, a mobile bike shop operation that serves the Front Range, from Fort Collins to the entire Denver metro area.

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