Castlewood Canyon State Park - Colorado - (including photos, videos and reviews)

Castlewoood Canyon State Park encompasses about 2,136 acres of land, 14 miles of trails and is located east of Castle Rock, Colorado

This park, created in 1964, is unique part of Colorado's history.  The Castlewood Dam in Castlewood Canyon, built in 1890, suffered a total collapse after heavy rains fell on August 3, 1933.  This resulted in a 15-foot wall of water rushing down Cherry Creek which ended up flooding Denver. Visitors to this State Park can still see the remnants and damage of the Castlewood dam.

This park includes a network of hiking/running trails, picnicking sites, handicapped access trails and rock climbing opportunities, as well as a nature preservation area (on the eastern side of the park) which is home to much wildlilfe and unique geologic features (including caprocks).

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