Grays Peak Hiking & Climbing Map, Colorado 14er (including information, photos, videos)

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Grays Peak is the highest mountain in the Front Range of the Southern Rocky Mountains and is the tenth highest summit of the entire Rocky Mountains.  Its nearest major city is Denver. Botanist Charles C. Parry made the first recorded ascent of the summit in 1861 and named the peak in honor of his botanist colleague Asa Gray. Gray did not see the peak until 1872, 11 years later. Grays Peak is usually mentioned in conjunction with adjacent Torrreys Peak. This peak is located on the Continental Divide of the Americas, as well as the boundary between Clear Creek County and Summit County in Colorado

Grays Peak's summit is at an elevation of 14,270 feet. 

The POCKET PALS hiking/climbing map for Grays Peak includes:

3 Trailheads: Stevens Gulch Trailhead, Horseshoe Basin Trailhead, Chihuahua Gulch Trailhead

5 Routes: North (East) Slopes, Lost Rat Couloir, East Slopes (South Ridge), Southwest Ridge, and Torreys South Slopes (Combo).

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   Photos of Grays Peak, Colorado Fourteener     Videos of Grays Peak, Colorado 14er