Complete (14 map) set for the Pikes Peak Region series (SAVE 25%)

SAVE 25% by purchasing the complete 14 map set for the Pikes Peak region (Maps #1 - #14)

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Peter S.
United States

Must Have Maps!

Easy to read and durable pocket maps, I am impressed with the level of detail and overall quality. If you are an avid outdoors enthusiast, these are a must have item!

sarah d.
United States

Great maps

I love these paper maps. Small and ultra portable, waterproof, rip stop, easy to read, and you don't have to depend on your smart device to stay powered. I'd rather not worry about electricity when I'm hiking!

Paul C.
United States

The best hiking and mountain biking maps for the Pikes Peak Region!

I graduated with a B.S. in Geography (a lifetime ago) and have a slight addiction to maps. I recently purchased the Pikes Peak Region Series and Pocket Pals Trail Maps are my new FAVORITE maps for hiking and mountain biking. The maps are sized so you can, as the name suggests, keep them handy in your pocket. The 50 foot contour intervals make it easy to visualize elevation changes. There is a wealth of individual trail information depicted in various bright colors. The Scale chosen for each map shows plenty of trail detail without any unneccesary clutter. The waterproof, tear resistant paper seems like it should stand up to years of use. Nicely done Pocket Pals! Although available individually, you'll probably want to buy the whole set. See you on the trail!

Jason R

Invaluable Field Reference

This is a great set of maps that fills a much-needed niche for hikers around the Springs. They offer excellent detail and coverage in a very usable size and scale. Trails are easy to read and offer numerous landmark descriptions, making them simple to use for beginners. For more advanced users, topographic lines are drawn with sufficient detail for general navigation; I've reached a number of off-trail high points using these maps and a compass. For the most part, social and unofficial trails are not marked, though they are sometimes indicated where common use demands it. However they do provide excellent coverage of more obscure official trails. They are also actively updated by locals. Trails change year to year; new trails open, routes are changed at the demand of land management, and sometimes old trails are closed. Free online digital maps are often years out of date and in some cases I've found instances where online maps could easily lead a hiker into closed trails or dangerous terrain; by contrast Pocket Pals maps have always been the closest of any map to what's actually on the ground today. Finally, they are physically ergonomic maps to use. They fold up small enough to fit in virtually anything with a pocket, and unfold to just the right size to be easily read without turning into a massive wind sail. They are waterproof and durable as advertised. The most sincere recommendation I have is that I carry one or more of these maps on every local hike I take.

Donald M.
United States

Excellent set of maps, store in a small 3-ring binder always in the car.

Having a harlequin Great Dane, and the impulse to hike, these maps are a plus. Thank you.

Debra C.
United States

Outstanding map - yes, even for locals!

Perfect companion for beginner, novice and advanced hikers in Colorado Springs. We have so many gorgeous trails to enjoy - why not be prepared to know exactly where you are going and how to get back to where you started? Accurate maps will help you enjoy your hike with confidence because, let's face it, you can't always rely on cell phone reception out in the woods. Well worth the price paid for reliable information that puts your mind at ease when you are enjoying the great outdoors!