Barr Trail - Information for Climbing Pikes Peak (Photos, Videos and Reviews)

The Barr Trail (Trail 620) is one of the major routes up Pikes Peak, one of the more popular of Colorado's Fourteeners. Barr Trail is named after it's builder, Fred Barr, and was originally constructed from 1914 to 1921.  This trail is in the Pike National Forest. The elevation at the top of Pikes Peak is 14,110 feet.

The Barr Trail is included in POCKET PALS Trail Map # 5 & #6.  Barr Trail on Map #5 goes from Manitou Springs to Barr Camp.  Barr Trail on Map #6 goes from Barr Camp to the summit of Pikes Peak.

The other trails included on Trail Map #5 are Bob's Road, Heizer, Longs Ranch, Manitou Incline, Ring the Peak (Segment 1-1A, Trail 329, Trail 638, Trail 671, Trail 703 (French Creek), Trail 706, Ute Indian, and Water Pipe.

The other trails included on Trail Map #6 are Bottomless Pit (Trail 632), Cascade Creek, Elk Park (Trail 652), Oil Creek Tunnel, Severy Creek, Trail 331 Trail 664A. Also including 6 backcountry ski lines.

All Pocket Pals Trail Maps offer very detailed information for each trail including: trail distances, allowed trail uses, difficulty levels, elevation profiles, total ascent/descent, directions to trailhead, trailhead longitude and latitude, and waypoints (landmarks along each trail).




 Pikes Peak Trail Map
Pikes Peak Trail Map


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