Roxborough State Park Map - Colorado - (including photos, videos and reviews)

Roxborough State Park encompasses close to 4,000 acres of land and about 14 miles of trails. This park is located southwest of Highlands Ranch, Colorado (in Douglas County).

This park is known for its dramatic red sandstone formations, distinct plant communities and a wide variety of wildlife (black bears, mule deer, golden eagles, bobcats, etc.).

This trail system has a 14 mile network of trails which connects to many other adjoining trail systems (Douglas County Open Space, Pike National Forest, Waterton Canyon, Indian Creek and the Colorado Trail).

Only pedestrian uses are allowed in this park including; hiking, walking, running, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, wildlife viewing, photography, and bird watching.

There is also a visitor's center which contains exhibits, a bookstore, educational programs, guided hikes and restrooms.

The following are NOT allowed in this State Park: pets, drones, camping, mountain biking,  and rock climbing.

You must either have a State Park Pass or pay a fee at the park entrance station.  

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          Roxborough State Park Map - Colorado

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