A hiking/climbing map for Mount Evans, one of Colorado's Fourteeners. It is located in the Front Range.

Hiking / climbing route map for Mt Evans in the Front Range.  This map includes 4 Trailheads and 9 Routes.  For more information on this 14er, click HERE.

Routes Included:

  1. Chicago Creek Approach
  2. Summit Ridge Route
  3. North Face Route (Moderate)
  4. Northeast Face Route
  5. Northeast Ridge Route (Summit Lake)
  6. Sunrise Couloir
  7. West Chicago Creek Approach
  8. West Ridge Approach (Guanella Pass)
  9. West Ridge Route (Summit Lake)

Trailheads Included:

  1. Guanella Pass Trailhead
  2. Echo Lake Trailhead
  3. Summit Lake Trailhead
  4. West Chicago Lake Trailhead

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